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Steve Franklin

Head Coach South Ripley High School
The experience was great, Dan does a great job communicating with the kids and parents in what he wants or expects. The mental part is a great thing for kids these days as we all know some have a different mindset than we use to have when we played.

Bryse, age 14

Seymour, IN
I am very likely to attend another LTI event. It is a great program that is very focused on the improvement of players. I improved and I would like to keep improving.

Matt Forner

Head Coach Shawe Memorial High School
There is more to baseball than just hitting, catching, and fielding skills. This brings kids into a whole different thought process about pitching and arm conditioning. Long Toss Indiana creates a new player that thinks more than just doing. Understanding what they are doing and why is paramount to getting that extra edge and excelling above the average.

Bobby, age 17

Seymour, IN
Being an outfielder throwing long distance is something expected. So I feel like I can throw harder and faster because of this program.

Jeremy Richey

Head Coach Seymour High School
It is first class. This is the best training I have seen for arm strength/arm conditioning and the mental side of baseball. The training is awesome, the communication is awesome and the passion for the game is evident in both Dan and Jason. Long Toss Indiana is going to take the players to the next level and I believe that it will improve whole teams due to the competition it creates. I know here at Seymour the players are talking about it every day. Players are asking each other what they threw the night before and it has created an atmosphere of improvement and wanting to get better. I think Long Toss Indiana is going to continue to grow and change the level of baseball in Southern Indiana and beyond.

RJ, age 13

Seymour, IN
My game has improved the most in pitching because Long Toss Indiana teaches how to finish your throw and how to throw it harder.


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