My quest for developing a velocity enhancement and arm care program began when I watched my son play baseball and go through the recruiting process. I watched him watch his teammates get scholarship offers and all the while I overheard college coaches say they liked him and his make-up, but just wished he threw it harder.

My belief at the time was that throwing a baseball at a top velocity was all genetics. Either you were born to throw it at the top velocities or you weren’t. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Everything changed for me, my son and my coaching beliefs when I read an article on Trevor Bauer and the Texas Baseball Ranch. We went to Texas for a weekend camp and I was introduced to Ron Wolforth at the Texas Baseball Ranch. He taught me that although genetics does determine where an athlete starts, with the right training program and work ethic, he can learn to throw it with greater velocity and all the while have a stronger, healthier, more durable arm.

I began my private instruction in the summer of 2013. Since that time we have seen our athletes gradually increase their velocities and currently have 3 players just outside joining our 90+ MPD Club.

Randy Sullivan and Alan Jaeger have also influenced my teachings. Randy is the owner of the ARMory Pitching Academy in Florida. He has taught me the importance of a physical assessment to determine Functional Movement and Physical Anatomy Constraints. More importantly, he taught me exercises to eliminate or reduce those constraints. Alan taught me his renowned long toss program and his mental training program. I believe his arm circle, surgical tubing band routine and his long toss program are essential to developing a healthy arm. The mental training that we now incorporate into our training program is second to none thanks to Jaeger Sports.

As Coach Wolforth often says, “We believe that with deliberate practice YOU can be better tomorrow than YOU were today....and if you put enough tomorrows together....you can literally change the direction of your life. You can dream as BIG as your work ethic will allow.”

A special thank you to Ron Wolforth, Randy Sullivan, and Alan Jaeger for your contributions to our training program is far greater than you know.

Contact us at 1-855-LONGTOS or longtossindiana@gmail.com to schedule your first lesson and start down the path of making your baseball dreams a reality.



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